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Improve your technique and the sensitivity of your interpretation
Benefit from advice from renowned professionals of the international stage
Widen your repertoire and network of contacts
To ensure continuity of learning in the summer

An elite teaching staff
Adapted to each individual project
The program of works tackled is left to the student’s choice

The student organizes his time between: individual lessons, attendance at class of classmates in order to assimilate as much advice and techniques as possible, group session (if applicable), individual practice and rehearsal, concert of students, faculty concerts, and time out to meet new musicians.

The schedule of individual lessons is defined by each teacher at the start of the session, according to his own teaching methods and when the composition of the class is known. For these reasons, it is not possible to give the precise number of course hours in advance. However, we guarantee a minimum of 4 individual lessons during the session.

The lessons are adapted to pupil development, from intermediate to higher level and with no age limit
Intended for the continuous training of professionals: the Academy is a professional/approved training center).
Preparation for international competitions and for entrance to the higher educational music conservatories and major universities.
High-level passionate amateurs can also attend the course.

- Accompanying pianists are available during class hours, possibility depending on availability to book additional hours with an accompanying pianist to rehearse,
- A rehearsal studio in the conservatory is available to you for at least 3 hours a day to practice your exercises,
- Conservatory open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day (weekends included)
- Modern and secure facilities,
- A recording studio and team available to record a video mockup,
- One student concert per session as part of our music festival (choice of students selected by the teacher), on a professional stage and broadcast live on Youtube,
- On-site catering for all students and teachers to meet new people,
- Possible accommodation on a student campus next to the conservatory, where you can practice your instrument,
- Many options, which allow you to benefit from more teaching time and working comfort,
- Free access to teachers' concerts as part of our Nice Classic Live festival (at least 3 concerts per week)