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The Masterclasses take place at the “Pierre Cochereau” Conservatory in Nice
Optimum quality of work for all in major facility
Modern and safe amenities
150 named rooms and studios 
100 pianos
Soundproof recording studio 
2 auditoria
Open from 09:00 to 20:30
Catering on site

Improve your technique and the sensitivity of your interpretation
Benefit from advice from renowned professionals of the international stage
Widen your repertoire and network of contacts

An elite teaching staff
Adapted to each individual project
The program of works tackled is left to the student’s choice

Students organize their time between individual lessons, attending classmates’ lessons in order to make the most of advice and technique, groups sessions (if applicable), individual practice and rehearsals, student concert and auditions, free stage – “Les Impromptus”, and concerts by teachers

The lessons are adapted to pupil development, from intermediate to higher level and with no age limit
Intended for the continuous training of professionals: the Academy is a professional/approved training center).
Preparation for international competitions and for entrance to the higher educational music conservatories and major universities.
High-level passionate amateurs can also attend the course.

Individual lessons

The individual lesson timetable is defined by each tutor at the start of the session, depending on his/her own educational methods and once the class composition is known.

Because of this, it is not possible to give the precise course times in advance.

However, we guarantee a minimum of 4 individual lessons over the session.

The tutor undertakes to monitor the diligence of students and their work.

Means implemented

Accompanying pianists are available
Rehearsal studios for putting your exercises into practice and organizing your rehearsals
Access to a professional stage within the framework of the student Concerts, at the tutor’s discretion 
“Les Impromptus” open stage: this space allows you to share your work and your passion with the public every day
Access to a Worldwide audience via auditions streamed live over the internet (1 Bn hours of video watched every day, 2 Bn web users connected every month, etc.)
Option of working in the Academy’s accommodation premises
End of the Masterclass session around a cocktail buffet, a festive and friendly occasion open to all students and teachers.

Also discover our multiple options, which allow you to benefit from greater teaching time and working comfort.