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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send a recording in order to be accepted?

All participants must give their full personal and artistic details during enrolment. A recording is strongly recommended and may be mandatory depending on the tutor requested.
To put a recording on your personal space as an "audio link": we ask for a link to a website on which your recording is downloaded. It can be a professional page, a social network, Youtube, but also a drive platform.

Do I have to pass an audition to be accepted on the course?

Students are selected in advance based on the files. For instrumentalists, tutors may hold an audition at the start of the course to check the level of each student.

When does my enrolment become final?

Your application is submitted for the tutor’s approval. Your enrolment will become final once the tutor accepts your file. Confirmation will be sent by e-mail once the tutor has validated this.

How long do I have to enrol?

The closing date for enrolment is 30 June. Beware however! Some Masterclasses fill up quickly.

How many individual lessons make up the course?

The individual lesson timetable is defined by each tutor at the start of the session, depending on his/her own educational methods and once the class composition is known. Because of this, it is not possible to give the precise course times in advance. However, we guarantee a minimum of 4 individual lessons over the session. The tutor undertakes to monitor the diligence of students and their work.
As a reminder, the following are included in the Masterclass: enrolment fees, tuition with the tutor (subject to acceptance of the enrolment file), minimum of 4 lessons over the session, access to an individual practice studio (a minimum of 3 hours per day), accompaniment for non-pianists (2 hours per session), participation in the student concert determined by the tutor, option of attending all lessons with the tutor’s consent, free access to all the festival’s concerts, lunch at the conservatory every day and a free snack.

What is expected of individual practice?

Each student must reserve his/her practice studio for 3 hours per day. There is also the option of practising during the authorized times in the university halls of residence for students housed by the Academy.

How many students are there per class?

Everything depends on the tutor’s wishes and the lessons taught. Some require a Numerus Clausus, whereas others do not. Some work with an assistant.

Do I need to choose a specific repertoire for the course?

Yes, this should even be your first choice of option. You can decide to work on a repertoire chosen specifically for the course. You will be able to register your choice when you enrol so that the tutor is aware of this.

In what language are courses given?

Each tutor speaks at least French and/or English.

Can I follow 2 different Masterclasses in the same week?

It’s possible but not recommended, as you will not be able to work seriously on both disciplines. 

Can I follow the lessons of friends enrolled with other tutors?

Yes, subject to the tutor’s agreement.

Will we give student concerts?

All the students can sign up for this, but a selection is made by the tutor and the concert programme manager in order to avoid concerts being too long or the programme repeating the same piece.

Can we attend the Nice Classic Live festival free of charge?

This entry is included in the course price, subject to available places over the entire duration of the Academy.

Can documents be printed and photocopied at the conservatory?

No, there is no printer or photocopier within the Academy. You can make your copies in local shops.
Reminder: photocopies of scores are prohibited within the Academy.

Is the accommodation located where the lessons are given?

No. The Montebello university residence is located 10/15 minutes walk from the Conservatory (5 minutes by bus).

I am underage, can my parents share my room?

Residence Montebello: the rooms are individual only, but accompanying persons can have a separate adjoining room.

Do the rooms have a kitchenette and air conditioning?

Residence Montebello: No. The rooms include: single bed, desk, refrigerator, wardrobe, three-function cabin (shower-WC-washbasin), bed and bathroom linen, WIFI

Can we take lunch at the Conservatory, and how much is it?

The price of lunch is included in the price of the course. Lunches are taken in the Academy’s cafeteria, so that students lose as little time as possible. They can also dine on site, by opting for the dinner package when enrolling. 

Does the cafeteria offer vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher, organic, gluten-free and lactose-free meals?

We cannot meet every individual dietary requirement. However, the Academy puts on a great spread to satisfy every appetite!